Health and Safety

Health and safety excellence is one of our core principles. We seek to prevent, minimize and manage occupational health and safety risks for our employees, contractors and the communities where we operate.

Zero Harm

Lithium Americas is committed to health and safety excellence and our goal of zero harm through the implementation of industry best practices, risk prevention and regulatory compliance.

In March 2024, the Thacker Pass project surpassed 165,000 work-hours with no lost time incidents. A lost time incident refers to an injury resulting in a disability or an employee missing work due to the injury. This accomplishment I not easy and is a testament to the dedication of every single employee to working safely. Our number one goal is to ensure all work in the office and at the worksite is performed safely, including driving to and from those locations.

Lithium Americas and Bechtel’s ‘Work Safe Home Safe’ Program

Workplace safety is a core value for Lithium Americas and Bechtel, our engineering, procurement and construction management (EPCM) contractor. As part of a program called “Work Safe Home Safe,” the companies promote safety awareness and practices for the dozes of local and regional workers including contractors from northern Nevada and members of the Fort McDermitt Paiute Shoshone Tribe, who report to the work site every day.

Work Safe Home Safe is based on industry standards published by OSHA, MSHA and the international certification process for ISO Standard 45011:2018 Workplace Safety. The main lessons include workplace safety being the responsibility of everyone on site and practicing a consistent method to analyze hazards and prevent workplace injuries.

All workers analyze potential hazards at the beginning of every workday, when new tasks begin and when conditions change, such as weather, footing or switching to new tools or materials. This practice helps ensure our workforce returns home safely every day.

SafeStart Training

We are proud to partner with SafeStart, the most successful advanced safety awareness and skills development program in the world. SafeStart has been proven to reduce injuries as much as 70% in a short time frame in over 3,000 companies in 60+ countries. The program aims to help people avoid unintentional mistakes that lead to injury, helping them understand when they are most likely to make an injury causing error and what to do to prevent the error in the first place. By providing human error prevention training, SafeStart improves overall workplace safety behaviors, reduces injury, and instills a strong and consistent safety culture.

SHARP Certified

In March 2024, the LAC’s Lithium Technical Development Center was accepted into Nevada SCATS (an OSHA sister agency) Safety and Health Recognition Program (SHARP) for achievements in worksite safety and health.

Learn more about the certification in our blog post.