Environmental, Sustainability,
Governance and Safety (ESG-S)

Sustainably developing future sources of high-quality lithium chemicals to fuel the global transition to a low-carbon economy

Our environmental, sustainability governance and safety (ESG-S) vision is to create shared value by being the safest, most environmentally responsible and inclusive lithium company.

We are committed to the health and safety of our people, being environmentally responsible stewards, building strong relationships with communities and adhering to the highest governance standards.

We identify and assess ESG-S issues and opportunities that are material to the company or our stakeholders and update and evolve our policies and procedures to manage ESG-S risk.

We aim to minimize the impact of our operations on local communities and to achieve the highest level of environmental performance by exceeding regulatory standards.

We focus on safety in everything we do as we build the right culture for the future.


Lithium Americas’ released two 2022-23 ESG-S reports for its North American and Argentina regions to reflect the Company’s ongoing separation of its North American and Argentina business units into two independent public companies. The two reports, themed ‘Accelerating Toward a New Era of Sustainable Value’ highlight overall ESG-S progress during January 1, 2022 – June 30, 2023, and reflect the Company’s commitment to creating sustainable value by being a safe, environmentally responsible and inclusive lithium company.

The North American report summarizes activities at construction-stage Thacker Pass and the Argentina report covers the commissioning-stage Caucharí-Olaroz project. Both reports are aligned with the GRI Universal 2021 Standards.

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LAC Argentina ESG Report

LAC North America ESG Report

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